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Thread: aftermarket pipe/ cpu

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarge View Post
    Has anyone flashed? programmed the CPU for richer running or is this not necessary?
    No need, and do not waste your funds on de-cat pipe; useless. Best improvement for the money is always the suspension on this category of machine; almost without exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by showkey View Post
    I can go back in the forum archives to 2012-2014 and review numerous threads on remap and tuning attempts. Several with dyno charts........the “pros” quickly gave up because there were no gains. Then add the added costs quickly lost value and interest by the tuners and the riders. Part of the reason there are no commander or other ECU tunes for the NC.

    Those archives threads mention your statements almost word for word........
    The NC is definitely a different bird. I suppose when I get to wanting more power, I will upgrade to the VFR1200X and get some 120 something hp V4 powah! Lol

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