Error 57-1
Gear shift mechanism failure

Let's say that the engineer who has made the fault report has shown off, as the marches are composed of a couple of things ........

There I leave the problem that has been presented to me, as before to other colleagues. In this case it is a nc750xd of 2015 with 38000km. Nobody has shared videos of the failure that's why I leave the link.
I'm from Málaga, it's already the third time that I go to the official house and they do not find the fault. Have disassembled to verify the happy screw that loosens inside, nothing. They have cleaned sensors, nothing. Oil has changed since it touched 10/30 in its corresponding levels that I have already seen failures by quantities in another thread, then nothing. They have checked battery, nothing. Does anyone have any mail from deep Europe? That is the question, it is incredible that this happening to a lot of motorcycles and they do not have a clear answer of the problem, it is shameful on the part of the "official" houses. I want to report the failures to Honda Europe. Thank you

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