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Thread: Horn suggestion

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    Horn suggestion

    Wanted a much better horn than stock, and having had a Wolo Bad Boy installed on previous bikes was headed in that direction. Realized it was going to look kind of chunky in the OEM location, and decided to expand my research.

    Settled on a pair of Hella motorcycle horns. pasted link doesn't work.?? manually goto - S70 motorcycle horns

    They draw 16w (which at 14.7v bike running) is about 1 A. Well within the horn button's limit, and no need to use a relay to switch a dedicated fused lead off the battery.

    Sound - nice. Way louder than stock (probably x4 minimum), and the dual tone is also much more attention getting than the meep tone of the OEM.
    Comparison - last bike I added a Wolo to, I forgot about it. One day I needed to hit the horn and scared myself it was so loud. OK, so these aren't that loud, but respectable. Price was great.

    Pic Dropbox - horns - 1.jpg - Simplify your life

    Wiring was so easy. Used spade lugs and made up jumper leads between the horns and a tail with a male lead off one of the horns. The stock wiring is female spade connectors onto the horn. So made up the horns' wiring as an assembly, bolted them with a shared 1/4-20, and plugged the leads into the OEM connectors. 5 Min job once I wired em as a kit on the bench.
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    Horn upgrades come up from time to time. Nice job NCX19.

    This threads offers some ideas on horns and wiring.
    Horn upgrade


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