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Thread: front fender extender

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    front fender extender

    I have a 2018 NC750XD. Has anyone installed an extender on theirs? If so what brand?


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    link : <Fender Extender Discussion>

    my contribution <with photo>
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    I've noticed some that are around $50 or so?? For a little piece of plastic?
    I searched for them on Amazon and some start at about 25 bucks and they have a lot of different ones.
    And I saw a video where a guy installed one by gluing it onto the fender with silicone seal (RTV). No holes or screws/rivets needed.

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    Just installed a pyramid Plastics Fenda Extenda on mine.
    Nice product that fits well and comes with rivets or sticky pads to install.

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    front fender extender
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    I have the Fenda Extenda on both of my bikes and it's a good product.

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    I just installed the Pyramid Plastics (Extenda Fenda) one. It was $35 with free shipping on Amazon. I drilled and used the plastic rivets and a few sticky pads to get things aligned prior to drilling. The older kits come with different fasteners that are not the rivets, but the new rivets seem good. Instructions that come with the item are vague and confusing, but the instructions on the web site are good:

    Use two rivets in the middle, and two on the side. 8 mm from the edge.

    It is somewhat expensive, but where else are you going to find a perfectly form fitting piece of plastic for your front fender ��.
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    I installed mine with 3M OUTDOOR adhesive tape, not the supplied stuff. I covered the entire area with it first, then held it in place and clamped it with lots of little clamps over night. One year later it's still there and holding firmly! :{)

    front fender extender-installed-new-front-fender-extender-jpg
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    I too used the 3M outdoor double sided tape. 1 yr later and itís still attached.


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    Menasha, WI.
    Many thanks for your replies gentlemen. Since my bike is so new, I'm running into that aftermarket-fitment-lag-time-issue. For example, RevZilla informed me that the Puig extender won't fit my bike because the 2018 front fender part number is different from those of the NC700X 2012-2015 models.

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    got the cheapest i could find on amazon. came with 3m double sided tape which I used. Also came with plastic rivets which I didnt use. Not drilling holes. However I supplemented the tape with clear silicone sealant wherever the tape wasnt. Used masking tape to assist securing it overnight while the silicone cured. If I ever need to remove it, its gonna be a challenge... its really on there

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