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Thread: Lowering Links......Math

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    The swingarm is the same. The linkage is the same. When I say "the same" I mean it's the same part number, not just similar.

    Read the blog post I linked by Peter Verdone. He has some others about his suspension changes too. It's CTX rather than NC but given that the rear suspension is identical other than shock it should all apply. I suppose it's possible that they changed where the top of the shock mounts but that seems unlikely.

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    Lowering Links.....Math


    Not sure about that guys background but he seems very bright and I really appreciate your posting the link.

    Finally found my ratchet strap so I may begin the lowering process tomorrow before the temperature drops again....

    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions and I do like the shorter shock suggestion and will look into that going forward.

    There is a company just over an hour away called 'Cogent Dynamics' and several folks have recommended their services so I might give them a call when I see if I get a tax refund this year.

    Again, I really appreciate everybody's input.


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    I don't know him or anything, just found his site when poking around. We have some mutual friends (there are pictures of people I know on his page).

    I think I remember him saying somewhere that he's a mechanical engineer but I could be remembering wrong.

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