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Thread: Dale's Rack questions for those of you who have them

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    You can get a Honda Ruckus gas cap that locks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melensdad View Post
    Really thinking I'm going to be accelerating my savings for a Dale's Rack by shaking the loose change out of the coats of holiday visitor who stop by the house.

    It sounds like there is no discomfort for the rider who may be a bit taller and sits a bit farther back. The Dale's Rack would solve several issues for me and I never ride 2 up so it really doesn't pose any real downside other than leaving the gas cap exposed.

    Might have to look for a locking gas cap?
    The Ruckus locking gas cap is interchangeable with the NC.

    Locking gas cap thread: locking gas cap
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    Dale also sells one along side the rack.

    I'll be throwing money at him this weekend for a rack. IT will also help solve some packing issues and allow me to take a more comfortable sleep system without sacrificing time having to unstrap everything to fill up. I have been heming and hawing about this one since I got the bike, time to just get it.

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    I too solved my sleep system problem, i hang it off the side now hehehehe!! :{)

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    I saw a guy who made a surfboard rack for the side of his bike. Pretty neat, but I wouldn’t do it.


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