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Thread: What to do first???

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    My first mod on my street bikes is always Grip Puppies. They are a soft squeezable grip that simply slips over the standard rubber grip and leaves you with a soft, tactile grip that is more comfortable. I also like the resulting thicker grip area.

    What to do first???-grip-puppy-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by melensdad View Post
    That is a crazy good price on the Trekker boxes. You got a great deal.

    So you are clearly setting up you NC for some long distance travel. What are your plans? Dream trips?
    The basic plan is to develop a broad base platform... so I can do a little of everything. I am getting the bags, top trunk for possible overnight or a couple of nights camping out. Received a bad neck injury a couple of years ago and cannot tolerate long days in the saddle any longer. Sold my Goldwing and matching trailer because of the injury. I still like to "get away" every once in a while. The NC will allow me more flexibility to choose some roads I normally wouldn't take with the wing. It will also allow me to make some of the events I used to attend that are closer to my area. I opted for slightly larger bags because they will not be "on" the bike unless I using them for a purpose. Larger, because when I need them, I would like for them to be up for the challenge. My "challenge" is ... packing light. Not quite there yet. The top trunk may find itself on the bike most of the time for local riding/errands or whatever.
    My wife and I used to tour on the wing... been just about everywhere in the U.S. with it. The wife and my oldest daughter have taken many 2 week trips on it. It's seen all 48 of the lower states in the last six years. So... that type of riding is more than likely over for me. Local jaunts in the North Georgia mountains and nearby South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. May, if conditions are right make it a little further.

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    Hi Vinny,

    I have a 750X DCT. As I only ride on asphalt/tarmac, the first upgrade I made were better grippy tyres (Pirelli Angel GT), followed by the suspension (Hyperpro front & rear). These upgrades (approx. 600 Euros) make a huge difference in control and safety.
    I made more changes but those are focussed on comfort for myself, protection for the bike and general visibility.

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