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Thread: 2018 NC750x Touring Build is Done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tewster2 View Post

    Gonna camp at Two Wheels of Suches (my dad and I used to camp there on some of our moto trips before he passed away in 1992) just north of Atlanta Saturday night then meet up with them near Asheville Sunday. Then it's somewhere for Sunday and Monday nights...gotta be back in FL by Thursday so a few days of R&R is gonna be nice. may not recognize the new place.........except for the Lodge........VERY, VERY NICE now. They have put a lot of sweat & $$$ into the place. They will be having their Annual Vintage Bike Gathering there Labor Day Weekend.......HUGE crowd if the weather is clear.

    Other recommendations: Iron Horse Lodge/Campground, outside Robbinsville, NC. A multi-million $$$ facility catered to bikers. Check their website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drdubb View Post
    This really tempts me. If I had any money I'd trade in my '14 for a new 750, but alas....trying to pack my alzheimers fund.
    Why, you won't remember the fund by the time you need it!

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