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Thread: is the display scratch resistant?

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    To answer your original question ignoring the peanut gallery, the plastic is far from scratch resistant but cleans up nicely with any quality plastic polish. Novus makes an excellent line of polishes and a cleaner, and Meguiar's plastic polish also works well. If you do accidentally scratch it it's easily repairable unless the scratch is deep. Same products can be used to keep your windshield looking new as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kc2ine View Post
    because I don't want my display to look like #$%# after few months?
    Then don't scratch it. Mine is fine after a year. It is protected and not abused in normal use.
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    Commuter Extraordinaire is the display scratch resistant?
    is the display scratch resistant?
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    I've only washed my bike twice in over a year. Ridden it year round in some terrible weather. It was parked outside until recently. My display is still scratch free. The only part that shows any wear is the two rubber push buttons.

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    i know im replying to an old thread - but for the next person to view this. google SpeedoAngels.

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