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Thread: Oxfords warmer grips

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    Oxfords warmer grips

    Has anyone installed these on their NC750X? If so, what size did you use? They have Adventure, Touring, and Sport sizes, and since they are electrical, not returnable if opened, even for sizing.

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    I have installed the Oxford grips in my NC700X, and also on a CRF250L Rally. I’m fairly certain I used the adventure model in both case, and they fit the NC just fine. I like these heated grips.
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    I did buy a pair last year and haven't installed them yet. Now that it is getting much colder out i probably will very soon. :{)
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    I have the Oxford Adventure grips on another Honda ( VFR1200X). They are ok.......but.........never ever too hot, in cool weather conditions high setting is required and makes the lower setting almost useless. I am looking for better grips for the VFR.

    I have Oxford ATV grips on an ATV.........rate them poor,

    For a comparison I had Honda heated grips on a ST1300. Under similar conditions high setting was used and after 20 minutes of riding lower heat setting would be used.

    Be careful when shopping as there are several versions of the same Oxford models. Pay particular attention to the controller and the type and style of the electrical connectors.
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    I have the Oxford Heaterz Touring grips. They fit just fine on my 2018 NC750X.

    I don't think I've ever felt the need to go over 50%. I have handguards as well, so that helps keep the wind off, and I live in California, so the coldest I have ridden in is the high 30's.

    A nice feature too is that they turn off automatically. I guess some kinds you have to remember to turn off.

    Anyway, I really like mine. The grip itself is also a little thicker than factory, so it feels better in your hand.

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    Anyone know what the max wattage of these grips are? Want to make sure I’ve installed the correct inline fuse.

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