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Thread: I need help

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    There is a difference between the keys of American Gen 1 NC700's and Gen 2's. The Gen 2's (2016+) use a "laser cut" key.

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    I’m usually skeptical of a first post by a new forum member that is a request for assistance in solving a problem with the anti theft system of the motorcycle. Said poster is often never heard from again, as in this case with an ongoing 7 day absence. Further, this poster stated a location of “Boston”, which could be anywhere in the world, but mentioned a purchase valued in dollars for a Honda security system not used in the USA. Other countries use dollars, but still, we’re left to wonder whether or not this is even an honest, legitimate call for help.

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    My 2019 NC750X came with 2 x keys when I bought the bike new in Northern Thailand, I had another key cut here locally and although it opens the frunk and turns the ignition on it will not allow the bike to start, I presume the factory key has a chip inside, and yes it does have the Honda Security System.

    Thats ok though as I intend to leave the spare key in the frunk and the key I had cut I will secure under the bike somewhere so if/when I lose the keys I can use the spare

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