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Thread: How much otd price?

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    How much otd price?

    How much did you paid otd for the 2017-2019 Honda nc750 dct . I'm thinking about buying the 2019 Honda NC750x dct . I'm just wondering how much you guys paid for the bike otd.
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    If it helps you any, I just paid $7700 OTD for a Standard version in California. My general rule with most Japanese bikes is, my expected OTD price is no more than the MSRP. This varies on time of year, popularity of the bike and if it is a current model or not. So if your able to negotiate a deal anything under MSRP as your OTD price, you are doing well. I too was looking to get a DCT also, mainly for the ABS feature, but they were scarce in southern CA and not willing to travel very far a NC750. I am satisfied with with my decision.

    I would try Big Box dealer first, they typically have a bigger wiggle room to negotiate vs. smaller dealers. Big Box dealers might be a PIA at times, but alot of their inventory is on consignment basis from the OEM and looking to move the vehicle for the volume credit whereas smaller dealers may actually have a loan or purchased the vehicle and needs to make a profit on it.

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    Canada msrp on the dct is 10100, plus 695frt, 195 doc fee
    Non DCT is $1000 less.
    I have the same philosophy ....... MSRP plus taxes, no add-on fees, and first service included,
    - Never had anyone decline

    On this purchase its convoluted as I had a trade, and for some reason they wanted to show a low price on the trade - so discounted the MSRP on the DCT by $2k.
    I was only concerned about the difference, but I'm sure there was a reason on the accounting side. Dont know if thats a clue that dealers have $2k to play with on the MSRP.

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