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Thread: Side cases for my new bike

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    Side cases for my new bike


    I am planning to purchase some side cases for my bike, what about the SHAD Aluminium. Does anybody has this cases on their bikes?
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    Side cases for my new bike
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    My only concern would be the top case. I have the Honda Genuine top case/rear trunk which has a capacity of 45 liters. That is my go to case. I put my helmet, heavy jacket, and a couple sets of gloves there. That tops it off pretty good although I could force a couple more small items. The SHAD set you are showing has a 38 liter capacity. You may not plan on putting your helmet in that case but if you do, it will limit how much more will fit after the helmet is in place. Its only a 7 liter difference but I wanted to throw that out there because I run into situations all the time where I wish my top case was just a little bit bigger.

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    Those boxes look nice. Price seems similar to complete systems from other brands.
    Now you can have the panniers open toward the bike (along the long edge like these Shad) or open front to back along the skinny edge (like Trax or Givi). Or have detachable kids (like Tusk).

    Lots of nice choices.


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    Attachment 37593Those are good looking. Shad has a good reputation for mid-line products - I think you could be happy with those. You can spend more and not necessarily get more functionality and obviously spend much less and then come to live with something that looks like you spent $75 in zip ties to hold it together.

    I've found that my needs change over time and what works now my not be my needs later. If the Shad top case base and racks allow you to mount different cases later you might like the flexibility of change in the future. I started with a 46 liter top case, added 36 liter side cases later, then came to almost always riding with just a 33 liter top case. 33 liters is just about the smallest case that allows storage of a helmet or a jacket and gloves leaving the frunk for other items.


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    Although I can find them in press releases, they aren't in Shad's current catalog nor can I find a store actually selling them.
    No idea what happened to them

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    Hey, the Shad stuff looks first class. looking forward to your review and photos.
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    Well, I have given a lot of thought to that, I actually would prefer them to open towards the bike like the SHAD ones... Also I've been told they hold 2 helmets in total and that would be ideal when you are not riding solo so there's that.

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    Nice looking cases but Iím always skeptical on fitting helmets. Subtle shape differences in helmet shapes can make or break the idea of fitting a helmet into a case (or Frunk). Some helmets will fit. Some of the same size but different brand may not.

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