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Thread: My new 750x DCT

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    My new 750x DCT

    Two weeks ago I traded in my DL650 with 65,000 miles for a new NC750x DCT with center stand, hand guards, and Givi rack for my box. I'm enjoying getting used to it.

    A couple of very basic questions.

    In the frunk, my Shoei 1100 helmet barely fits. I know that there is a document compartment at the bottom of the frunk, but at the front (?) of it, there seems to be some molding of the plastic, a couple of bulges, that look like something is supposed to rest on them. I can't figure out what it is. Anyone know?

    On my DL650 I occasionally used an OnGuard disk lock, the kind that you insert into one of the holes in your front disc brake, and then run a day-glow orange string back to your handlebar, so you don't forget and wreck your bike when you start out. It's very compact and convenient, but the model I have doesn't fit through any of the holes in the NC front disc brake (at least I can't get seem to get it to fit). Does anyone have a suggested replacement? Something similarly compact?

    Right now, I'm very much enjoying the new bike. A couple of things I find surprising are the hardness of the ride, and the clunk that I sometimes hear when it autoshifts out of first. But maybe these resolve a bit after break-in? Maybe the latter is normal? Also, I'm 6'2", and I don't seem to have quite as good wind protection as I did on the DL650, so I might in the future try to upgrade the screen. The Honda stock handguards also seem to provide almost no protection compared to my old Acerbis ones. One thing I find I truly love is the ability to downshift (use engine braking) when in D mode, just using the left downshift paddle. So far, I haven't had much occasion to use S mode. I got 65 miles on my second tank of gas, which is much better than the old DL650 (which got about 42-45). I'm hoping that one tank of gas would last for 200 miles, but maybe that's optimistic? Do most people fill up around 180? I had been warned that the bike was not powerful or fast enough, but for me, it's plenty fast!

    Thanks much. {plz excuse typo in heading. Should read 750x)

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    The front wall of my 2016 frunk is a cover to the battery that also had a stretch-cord for holding, in my case, a Ziploc bag with important docs, but can hold other stuff too. Post a pic if you can and you might get a better answer! It could also be for the bike lock that some have found, if I remember correctly.

    Don't have a disk lock so can't help you there.

    There can be a clunk going 1 > 2 at low speeds I've found. Accelerating faster remedies that though

    I switched to the Madstad which you will find a lot of people have and like. There are other choices to, search the forums and you'll find lots of results and pictures. I have the SW-M Kobra handguards with extensions and LED's installed, there are a couple of Barkbuster models that will work and are very popular, and there is an Acerbis model (with optional lights) as an option too.

    I used D for a while, then S1 > S2 > S3 and then back to S2. This gave me a good upshift/downshift combo. I primarily use M now and up/down shift when I want, although it will downshift on it's own still as it approaches the stall point. This is nice for gentle coasting up to red lights when there's nothing behind you. I also find I very rarely manually shift into 1st. I will downshift as far as 2nd and the bike will autoshift to 1st as I come to a stop.

    I average 65-70 in the summer and 60-65 in the early spring/ late fall. I also don't mind riding for a while in 'reserve' mode and will regularly go 40 miles or so on it. I usually fill up when I get 5 miles or so into 0.7 of the reserve fuel used. It will go to 0.8 and that's when you're really on fumes! I only have a 13 mile ride to work and can pass multiple gas stations so I've run it quite low before! I generally don't start reserve mode until about 180 miles, so getting 200 miles a tank shouldn't be a problem for you. I have the 18" Madstad, weigh probably 200 geared up and have a 10lb bag on my rear carrier.

    I came from the PCX150 and primarily use it as a back road commuter. Power and speed are plenty! Some here tour the nation with it, me I'd probably choose the ST1100/1300 or the VFR1200X (DCT) if I was planning on a lot of serious trips.

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    The spot in the frunk is for a U-lock. Honda doesn't sell it here, but I believe it is available overseas.

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    Welcome and congratulations on the new bike.

    The disc lock that fits my bikes has a pin approximately 5 mm in diameter. I don't use it anymore and can't even remember the brand or model so I'm also not much help.

    If the 750 is like the 700 the low fuel light comes on with approximately 1 gallon remaining. I go 40-50 miles easily on the flashing light and at 65 mpg the tank is good for 220 miles with a small reserve. I like the Madstad with it's winglets and the Barkbusters for wind management. The Madstad makes the NC a bike you can tour on.

    The transmission makes a bit of noise shifting/downshifting in the lower gears, normal.


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    My wife has a 2016 NC700x and I have an '18 NC750x. Both with DCT transmissions. There is a definite "clunk" when you engage D and also from 1st to 2nd. Less of a clunk from 2nd to 3rd. It the same for both of our bikes.

    My wife has a size M HJC full face helmet that fits in her Frunk. I have a size L Arai Defiance full face and I cannot close the lid on my Frunk with my helmet installed. Be happy your Shoei actually fits inside and the lid closes.

    Both of our bikes have a MadStad windshield installed. They sell different sizes for different height riders. At 6'2" you probably need a 22" windshield if you buy a MadStad; if you give them a look and are considering an upgrade you should send them an email. I found them to be very responsive to my questions and answered my emails fairly quickly. Can't speak to other brands. I'm 6' and use a 20" windshield.

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    Mines pretty new and the best mileage was on a tour on Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. 86 mpg. That was with stock saddle bags, tank bag and rear bag. Speed there is restricted to 35 mph and 45 mph. I ran about 5 over.

    That was the only time I used the saddle bags. Otherwise it's the tank and rear bags. Of course even without the baggage I ride much faster on the local roads. Then my lowest mileage was 72 mpg. Average is 75-76. Plenty for a easy 200 miles.

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    I use a disklock almost every time I park my bike. I don't bother trying to get the right one that will fit inside the holes, I just slip it on the disk where there's that wide space, between the part with the holes and the ABS ring. If you ever feel you might be having any issues with the lock be sure to use the warranty and get another before it breaks. Mine failed, and, as seen in the photo, I had to hire a locksmith to cut it off. AAA did NOT help me, so don't bother with them.

    I use the Puig windscreen, seen in the 2nd photo. I liked the way it looks, in light tint. I'm pretty sure it's also a direct replacement for your stock screen on the 750 as it was for me on my 700. I added one of those eBay attachments later to give a few more inches and it works well. My next bike (750?) I will probably go with the full Madstad screen.

    The plastic molding is also a cover for the battery compartment. I suppose it could be removed to make a helmet fit better (My GT Air and Neotec won't fit with my Sena attached) but then you really should fabricate some sort of cover. I think there is some heat that comes in through there.
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    Great choice on the bike, Welcome to the RIDE!! :{)
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