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Thread: Looking for Bike.........

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    Senior Member Looking  for  Bike.........
    Bike: 2013 NC700S
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    Jun 2015
    Surrey, BC (Canada)
    This is the stand that I got for my 700S. It's actually cheaper now then when I ordered it last year.

    HONDA : Main Stand [08M70MGSJ10]

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    Senior Member Looking  for  Bike......... davidc83's Avatar
    Bike: Suzuki C50; 2009 klx250sf; 2013 Nc700
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    Jun 2013
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    In case anyone is out there looking for a manual 2018 NC750X, C & C Powersports in Clarksville Indiana now has one on the floor. I sat on it and it does seem they have removed some of the slope of the seat (some but not all), but the seat is still not wide enough for proper support of the tushy area...

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