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Thread: Motorcyclist Ride To Work Review - NC700X DCT

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    Motorcyclist Ride To Work Review - NC700X DCT

    Aside from mentioning the "rumor" about the engine being half a Fit, pretty good video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey1one View Post
    Aside from mentioning the "rumor" about the engine being half a Fit, pretty good video.

    NICE - I love my 2017 NC750X DCT. I ordered it in January of this year and got it in April after the longest wait of my life for anything... I enjoy it so much, I saw a Versys recently sure they are nice but the NC is mightier looking and just love it - I don't care about anything else and I don't look at anything else more than a glance... I'm in love it with it... I bought it also for practicality reasons, I work from home and I take it out every day at lunch, I ride it every day... I already have almost 13K KM so do the math, I think that's a good amount of KM and I plan on riding until mid November (around lunch when it's warmer). I do groceries on it and whatever and stuff them where I can, 22L frunk, side carriers and top box give me so much storage and I still need to get a frunk bank. I don't drive the car from April to Nov unless absolutely required, which was like once or twice this year. AND: I ride 2up, I take the wife all over the place with me. Awesome bike folks, I'm telling ya.

    I just changed the OIL at 12K and that's it, I lube the chain every 2K or so and when I took it in they said, chain is good - no adjustment needed and I asked how oil was he said probably could have gone another 4K or whatever, OIL was just fine.

    Enjoy this bike, don't take it for granted ever!

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    I'm thinking it might be time for an upgraded.....
    2012 NC700X 37000 and counting
    best MPG

    2005 Suzuki Hayabusa
    24000 and counting
    MPG? forget about it.....?

    2018 Yamaha Super Tenere ES....

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    @rmezei: I can second that. I have my Integra since April this year, bought new with 0 km on the clock, when I first saw it it was still in the factory container 5 months later I have 12K on the clock and still in love with it. The concept, engine character and DCT are spot on for my needs. I too ride it every day and enjoy every kilometer.

    Keep those wheels turning and enjoy your NC!

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