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Thread: Lithium Battery?

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    Great, to hear. Thanks for pitching in!

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    I put a Shorai in a F800 in 2011 whose battery is high and forward of CG (gas tank under seat); a good fit.
    I also replaced the heavy mount bracket with a light aluminum clip since the ion is so light.
    Ions are 'electronic' batteries. If the voltage drops below 11 volts the reboot on the Shorai was difficult.
    The heavy wet cell batteries are old school with everything going ion now days but Honda probably will
    continue running the wet units in their 10th gen hybrid cars. Cost must be why the auto manufacturers have not converted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanH View Post YTZ14S Z14S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery 12V - 300 CCA HONDA VT750C, C2, C2B, RS Shadow, VT750DC, A, B Shadow Spirit: Automotive

    I actually bought it about a year ago the first time my battery died without warning. I actually replaced it a month or so ago when the factory battery died without warning for the second time.
    So I bought the same MMG battery. Very nice, perfect fit, great cranking power. No need for a battery tender during winter storage anymore Thanks for the recommendation, this is a great one!

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    I bought a Shorai LiFePo for the Honda Rebel 250 as it doesn't get ridden a lot by the daughters and the bike has no computers to drain the battery. was losing lead acid batteries to sulfation. Needed a battery for the ST1300 and I went to and got a Scorpion LiFePo battery for it. Yes, I have had to put that battery in the NC twice for different reasons. Fits just perfect and the leads mate up without a problem. it is 2 pounds. SSTZ14S-FP Scorpion Stinger LiFePo4 Extreme High Output Battery
    have had it a year and no problems. Rode in 35 degrees up to 120 degrees this year. Bought a AGM off of battery stuff as I do not know how well my #2 daughter will take care of her battery as she goes to college. #1 daughter does short commutes and I will be buying her a Stinger LiFePo battery for her NC. I currently have a 8 yr old AGM in my CBR1100XX! just charge periodically during winter then run all summer.

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    Just as a reminder. Lithium batteries are sensitive to both cold and hot temperatures. Hopefully, these units have a good quality BMS (Battery Management System) that will keep the battery's health in check under a variety of conditions.

    I learned this over 2 years of owning a Zero Motorcycle. The same technology is used on these batteries at a smaller scale. The important thing is the cell health and the BMS is tasked with that task.
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    Zero Motorcycles are using LiNiMnCoO2 chemistry and SLI batteries like Shorai are using LiFePO4 chemistry. Those and other ones belong to the Li-Ion family but each one has its own characteristics and requirements.

    LFP is not suitable to power a motor because it has almost the lowest power density of the Li-ion family but it’s safe - it doesn’t need a BMS to charge it, and compatible with AGM lead acid batteries... Most of the other chemistries need precise charging and they can get easily overcharged so they need a BMS.

    It’s not bad to have a BMS on LFPs but it’s not necessary.

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