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Thread: Rear running lights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ld_rider View Post
    I'm also going to change the question a bit ;-)

    I would like to increase my visibility to drivers behind me, especially at night

    It that is what you are after, try 3M Solas tape. Safety Of Life At Sea tape can be found on Ebay or any boating store near you. Liberally applied to to the back of your bike any cager will see you miles away...Even at night.... In the rain.... How do I know? I've run it on my rear panniers and have had people approach me in Interstate rest areas in the middle of the night and actually tell me how visible I was (!).

    You can put the 3M Solas anywhere you want in any pattern you desire. Personally I think it is more effective at night than a wall of tail lamps.

    Obviously the Solas does nothing for daytime visibility of your motorcycle.

    This is how your motorcycle would look at night when approached by another vehicle:

    Images snipped...

    It might be hard to tell in those photos, but the patches of reflective tape stand out so much that they are almost blinding. Drivers are accustomed to seeing a red tail lamp and a couple of orange lamps on each side. That pattern doesn't even register with most people anymore. Splash a bunch of 3M reflective tape in weird patterns and a uber bright Whelen LED for a brake lamp and you will catch not only driver's eyes, but also their brains ;-)
    I've used the SOLAS tape on the Frogg Toggs rain suit I wear in the same spots Aerostich places their reflective tape on their suits. If you use a small wallpaper roller on the tape the tape won't ever come off.

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    Talking 2 different solutions

    Rear running lights?-blinker-geen-jpg I've used this before and they worked great! As for the red color, I put red lens tape in the inside of my turn signal and ti was fine.


    In order to properly utilize the Custom LED Magic Blinkers on many Honda Motorcycles, the constant power input wire (red) must be connected to a ignition switched source (other than that for the front stock blinkers). The little running light near the headlight is a perfect power source, OR you can connect the left and right running light wires together to create a constant running light source.

    The reason is because the running light wire that runs to the front signals cuts off completely when the blinkers are activated, and stays off until the blinkers are canceled. This causes the operated load (LEDs or lamps) to not work properly as the Magic Blinkers are designed to draw all power from the "running light" input wire.

    Using a voltmeter, you can easily verify if you are having this problem. Simply measure the voltage on the RED input wire on the Magic Blinker to check for constant 12V power - blinkers on AND off.

    Rear running lights?-2-jpg I also got these for a bmw r1200gs from Pirates bay they are on led red flash when you brake and stay solid the and would flash I believe yellow with the signal is on. Lite Buddy's for the BMW K1300S, K1200S, K1200R, R1200GS from Pirates' Lair Motorcycle Accessories at 828.628.7093 EST. I think I have a spare R1200gs signal I'll match them up sizewise and if these will fit these are the way to go! I left the resistors out and let them rapid flash I figured they made me more visable. BTW I'm new here. Just picked uop a 2014 w 673 miles on it today!!!

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    Hey Big Jeff, Would you care to share the source of your clear rear signal lenses and red bulbs? I would like to use your technique for more rear visability.

    Thanks for reading..... Willie

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    Hey Big Jeff, Would you care to share the source of your clear rear signal lenses and red bulbs? I would like to use your technique for more rear visability.

    Thanks for reading..... Willie

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    Can you see me now?

    Amber/Red LEDs (cheap from Amazon) installed on the boxes with 3 wire spin lock quick disconnect wiring. Amber used for turn signals. Red used for running light. Also on my bike the license plate frame has Stop/Turn/Running light functions.

    Wife's bike has Admore lights added behind the reflector lenses for a custom/factory look install. Wiring is connected by a simple 2 wire quick connector. I would like to add multi-function license plate frame to the wife's bike too for added Stop/Turn/Running light functionality.

    Both bikes have Yellow/Red SOLAS directional tape for visibility during the day and the SOLAS tape reflects great at night when hit with a light beam from headlamps.

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    Mine. Running LED strip lights in the top case, extra (flashing) LED brake light.
    Attached Images Attached Images Rear running lights?-img_4022-jpg 
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