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Thread: NC750X 2016 Suspension upgrade

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    NC750X 2016 Suspension upgrade

    Dear all,

    Hopefully at the beginning of next month I will finally have my driving license and, shortly after, a NC750X 2016 (with Showa Dual bending valves).
    Starting from march 2020 this motorbike will take me all the way to south east Asia, which is why I would like to have the suspension upgraded.

    My weight is around 100kg / 220lbs with equipment on (6.6ft tall) and will carry another 20kg / 50lbs in luggage.
    Since the stock shocks aren't the best and definitely not suited for my weight, I'm looking for affordable suspension upgrades. brand new shocks won't fit my budget, I'm looking for second hand options such as the Aprilia Tuono rear shock.
    Because of my 270 lbs in total, I think it makes sense to also upgrade the front springs.
    Also, I am considering a 1" or 2" fork extender, which would enable me to use a longer rear shock (12.6" assuming the ratio of the link arm is around 1/3), but also would give me more ground clearance and possible room for (future) 19" wheels.

    Now I am left with a few questions:
    - Is the Tuono the best second hand shock available? Because i also found e.g. Sachs shocks for the Ducati T2 with similar specs.
    - Does anybody know the specs of the stock springs in the 2016 front fork? (lengt, diameter, springs 'strength') I'm looking for a second hand replacement.
    - Would it make sense to use a fork extender in combination with a longer rear shock?

    Thanks in advance, Ernst

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    Ernst, you might want to try a trial run before spending. I found the suspension much more comfortable with a 264 lb load (me & luggage) than just my ~170 lbs. Here's a thread on improving the Showa front suspension from the UK user's forum- The Cure for Jarring SDBV front forks? - Mechanical Items - The Honda NC Owners Forum.

    The Tuono rear shock is a Sachs unit. here's the thread on the Tuono rear- Aprilia Tuono Rear Shock (Sachs)

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    First off- Let us know how we can follow you along on your adventure next year. Sounds amazing.

    I would study very carefully if you plan on increase front/rear suspension travel. Mainly because, you may upset the geometry of the bike and reduce the handling characteristics and may induce increased forces to the rear suspension linkage, which may reduce reliability of the linkage system.

    Personally, I would get better front springs to better match your weight (and luggage), along with finding a better rear shock (same length as OEM) and leave it at that. Get a bash-plate to protect the undercarriage of the bike when the road conditions get really rough and thats about it. Whatever rear shock you go with, try to choose something that is widely used and available in the event you need to get it serviced in other parts of the world.

    I would focus on making the bike fit and feel more comfortable to you, like seat adjustments, windscreen, hand protectors, heated grips, luggage systems, etc... Then carefully evaluate your gear and try to go as light as possible, since the bike only has 50HP. Good quality gear is also a must, to protect you from the elements.

    Sounds like a excellent adventure and I have no doubt the NC will make it. Try to make the bike fit you the best you can, along with making you as comfortable as you can so you can make it also.

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    Regarding dual bending valves, is this an upgrade that someone did? My understanding is that all NCs have basic damper rod forks. Is it different in Europe? If it's an upgrade, then I imagine it's similar to RaceTech Gold Valve Emulators.

    For the shock, I had good luck with my 2016 RSV4 shock. It's a much better unit than the Tuono shock, including length adjustment. With stock tire sizes I tried running it at the maximum safe length per Aprilia and the bike handled much better. I also have springs and GVEs in my forks.
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    Late model NC’s in Europe got the Showa DBV, but not in North America.
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