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Thread: Boosterplug now with practical experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by TacomaJD View Post
    I'm still in the learning phase, but wouldn't this product pretty much not work for the same reason a power commander/air filter/exhaust combo is said to not make much difference? Which would be design of engine components, specifically the head ports? If increasing fuel richness improves performance, you'd think that would be attainable via the traditional fuel/air mods like all other bikes. But it sure would be nice just paying $160 for the miracle plug vs buying exhaust, filter, and power commander.

    I may end up buying one one day just to create a skeptic's review. Lol.

    This reminds me of the TRE that was popular in my sportbike days. Supposedly timing was retarded below certain rpms in the first 4 gears, so installing a plug called the TRE (timing retard eliminator) was supposed to bypass that....all for $30. I put one on my bike, acted like it made a difference, and it may have....or it may have just been the psychology that creators of products such as that relied on for sales.

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    TREs absolutely matter on some bikes. On Suzuki SVs, they not only retard timing but also slow the opening of the Secondary Throttle Valves, so that power comes on significantly slower. Making i think it's in 4th gear significantly improves throttle response.
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    Just to set the record straight, I found this article with words from the BoosterPlug Inventor:
    Booster Plug - webBikeWorld

    "The idea itself is actually rather simple: if you can trick the computer to think the ambient temperature is lower than the actual temperature reading, it will enrichen the mixture a little which will improve acceleration and throttle response.

    And it gets even better: All modern bike have an oxygen sensor in the exhaust to provide a feedback that will adjust mixture back to factory determined level. This actually works to your advantage as there’s a certain delay in this feedback.

    This means that as long as you maintain a steady speed (steady throttle, steady RPM), the feedback from the O2 sensor will make the computer adjust the mixture back to the original lean level (good for mileage). This is called “Closed Loop” operation.

    As soon as you move to a different cell on the injection map by changing the throttle position or the RPMs, the oxygen sensor feed back cant keep up, and the bike will rely on the basic fuel map and input from temperature/air pressure sensors (like the first generation of fuel injection computers did). Now you will have the slightly richer mixture that is improving the drivability a lot. This is “Open Loop” operation

    So you will get the best of two worlds: Improved throttle response where you need it, while maintaining a good mileage – quite brilliant actually!"

    I can attest to this theory as I have experience tuning the ECU on my Harley Davidson with a full-access tuner (not a piggy-back style tuner). With live-telemetry (via a small Windows tablet hooked up to the ECU and said tablet held in a tank bag with see-through map window), I can see what the fuel injection system does while I ride. Every time I snap the throttle, the system goes into open loop and does not read the oxygen sensors' feedback. Research says that this is done to prevent engine detonation due to lean-out caused by the lag of the feedback system during sudden engine acceleration - very critical in an air-cooled Harley engine as it already runs hot. (Yes, too lean a fuel mixture causes engine detonation as well, not just spark advance What causes spark knock and how do you get rid of it).

    One more point: the system goes into open loop operation at 90 and 100% throttle operation as well. Rationale is the same: the engine accelerates too quickly and the lag in feedback will cause detonation. Not sure if this applies to Honda's system as well but I suspect it does.

    In summary, the BoosterPlug makes changes to the open loop operation of the fuel injection system. What this translate to the rider is better throttle response (when you snap the throttle open/close rapidly), and improved low rpm rideability (less "snatchy" throttle).

    And there's better fuel mileage too! Although YMMV on the fuel mileage. I most definitely got a slight mileage improvement on my Harley when I enriched the fuel map (similar effect done by the BoosterPlug). My theory is that making it run richer during the snap throttle moments adds to the fuel efficiency. This means a rider with very smooth, controlled throttle roll-on would probably not enjoy the same benefits, however.

    I have not installed the BoosterPlug on my daily-ride NC750X, but it's on the upgrade list. Yes the fueling of the NC is already very good, which is why it is a low priority to me and more of a want! The want comes mostly whenever I perform a highway overtake maneuver on gear 6 and the engine hesitates for a bit.
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    agree with the original poster that the armchair quarterbacks should be ignored. Ive used one on 2 previous BMW twins prior to the dual-spark models.
    It is a very effective add-on that fixed an issue with those models. I haddnt notice an issue on my '19 x , but I get what he's talking about. I hit the downshift button when the computer thinks its smarter than me. 6th gear at 45km/hr is lugging the motor. Interesting to note though, the boosterplug smooths that out.
    Thanks for the review.

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    VFR1200x forum has some comments on the BP

    What happened to the OP and/or original replier? I'd like to know how the Power Commander worked out.

    Regarding the Booster is snake oil. Save your money.

    The bike's ECU will slowly adjust to the effect of the BP, negating any positives. It isn't sudden, which is why people do not realize it happens. It is a learning thing. The ECU wants to keep the bike within certain parameters, and when it is not, the ECU adjusts for it until it is back within those parameters. The BP then is just a paperweight.

    Some other documentation

    IAT Resistor Mods vs Performance Modules vs Real Chips – Technical Domain
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