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Thread: Increase bike height via rear shock

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    Increase bike height via rear shock

    I've seen people play around with the rear shock setup to lower the bike as they are short riders.
    Can the opposite be done where the shock is lifted for a tall rider?

    What exactly is done? I know there's a spring which can be setup for load. Is that where the height adjustment is also done?

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    The way I understand it, small height adjustments can be done with the spring “preload” adjuster rings, but it is not ideal for this purpose because it changes your sag setting and messes with your limits in suspension travel. The spring adjustment rings will change the ride height but not the spring stiffness. Height adjustment is best accomplished be replacing the links in the rear suspension, or getting adjustable links, or a different shock/spring (most expensive route). You still have overall limitations because you are changing the swingarm geometry or you may have the rear wheel hit the fender in the case of excess lowering.

    Short answer to the question: install different links or a different spring/shock.

    Here is a thread with the same question: Raising links ??
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    When I bought my bike it was fitted with longer wishbones. I changed them back to the original ones which increased the rear height 4cm. So, yes you can fit shorter one to increase the height but as already said it changes the steering behaviour.

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