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Thread: DCT Issue

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    Ridiculous price for a consumable part.

    Antigravity and Earth-X batteries are cheaper than that, and you may also choose a bigger battery...

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    Quote Originally Posted by telecam View Post
    Itís the other way around, batteries are designed to deliver clean and consistent power and automotive lithiums are no exception. I think itís time to admit the fact that the only thing that was bad on my 6,300 miles NC was the shifting motor, not the oil, not the filters, not the clutch pack and certainly not the ECU. For got sake, itís a Honda!
    I didn't say that a non standard battery was the cause. I said that with the concern that this battery being non standard and not recommended what is the advantage of using it when you just came off a major cluster with a dealer and there exists a remote chance a non standard battery could cause a problem in the future?

    No reply necessary as you obviously didn't see it as a potential problem.


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    DC electrical current has no special properties or flavors depending on the power source, standard or non standard. The current source must provide enough energy, that's all.

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    Hmmmm this is now almost like an oil thread
    It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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    Almost... But lead acid batteries are really well documented (we had enough time from Alessandro Volta’s day!) and PMAs as well. Not only that you can check them at home with a multimeter and an oscilloscope.

    There are a lot of myths about batteries and electronics that can be debunked easily...

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    Think the battery issue can be concluded that the NC and just about every modern vehicle needs a consistent voltage.

    Every module, CAN signal or control unit has a low and high voltage threshold. So a failing battery, loose connections, high resistance or any problem where voltage fluctuatates might cause a problem. One common issue confirmed on the forum was inconsistent dash unit display was often caused by a poor connection at the battery or harness wiring faults.

    We have discussed prior the battery failure mode ( sudden death) where the battery appears to be ok one minute and the next minute the bike is a no crank no start.

    This particular case does not appear to be battery related at this time. But I certainly would not fault the dealer for substituting or trying a conventional battery. Trying “known good” parts is a common technique.
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