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Thread: Lower Cowl Re-Install?

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    Lower Cowl Re-Install?

    I just completed the first oil change on my NCX and had no problems removing the lower cowl for this procedure. But I'll be darned if I can get the prongs to line up with the grommets and still have the screws line up with their holes. What am I missing?

    Many thanks as always.

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    It was just as easy as you say when I did it. I’ve only done it once, but don’t recall have any issues lining everything up.

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    Hey Skagway... at least you were able to get your lower cover off. One of my allen bolts stripped out and i was not able to get mine off and thus had to do my first oil change leaving the cover on. Not easy, but doable. I picked up some left handed drill bits and will have to "carefully" drill it out/remove it. We'll be seeing how that goes! :{)
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    From memory there are 4 plugs on top of the screws. Start with the two front ones, then the sides, finish with the screws.

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    I got it... don't know why it was so fiddly for me, but after the 4th or 5th attempt, I got all of the prongs lined up with the grommets and could bend the cowl enough to seat the screws. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement.

    At least my screws weren't stripped... Even though I have a used bike, I was the first one to remove the cowl, so I didin't have to contend with someone else's prior frustrations :-)

    Next... on to adjusting chain slack and making sure the wheels are properly aligned...


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