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Thread: Flashing dash gear indication

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    Flashing dash gear indication

    So another one with broken pin. I wonder if this is a 700 only issue and if it was redesigned and thus fixed somehow for 750 models. I did not check the parts catalogs, but before I try has anyone gone through the trouble of checking the part numbers of this pin between model years already?

    Edit: Answering my own question. I only have an older parts catalogue at my disposal, but it lists 700 as well as 750 parts and the dreaded gearshift pin has the same part no. for both (24315-HA0-000 if anyone cares). In fact the entire gearshift drum is the same. I still donít know if it applies to newer models as well, but I highly doubt there is any difference at all.

    Edit2: I also looked into the service manual and replacing the little sucker takes quite a lot of wrenching as to get to it one must pull out the dual clutch assembly. Not something I would adventure to do myself in my garage. So I can see why the shop writes such a meaty bill for the job. But considering that another inmate from UK I think was £300 lighter, 70Ä is a bargain.

    Edit3: To continue this saga and to get some kind of closure, I checked online parts catalogues and I found that something did change, because the part number is different (24315-HL4-000) for 2016 and onward model years. Whatever that means. However, the same part is now used also in Africa Twin DCT. So, my conclusion is that there was some redesign for third generation DCT. If for better, remains to be seen.
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    only just saw this - same things happened to me

    Quote Originally Posted by X8052 View Post
    Problem solved. Finally is was this pin which was broken. it costs 5 euros but the labor is 70 euros and as the bike is out of warranty it is not covered. The shop told me that this is a kind of usual issue and that due to the design of the gearbox, the pin does not come of to cause further damage.
    I had the exact same thing happen, dealership sent me away a few times until the pin finally snapped. It's a design flaw, a poorly welded component that will fail at some point

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    Although OP called it a "pin" , I doubt that is the correct part description.
    There have been several other reports of the "gearshift spindle" causing same problem.

    But for each one that fails, there are hundreds/thousands without problems.
    Quote Originally Posted by lootzyan View Post
    Oh great... another pin? I thought that "this pin" is a shifter pin, which is screwed and not welded...

    Attachment 35702

    Attachment 35703

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    Well, engineering students learn in the first year what "reliability" means in the manufacturing process, I did.
    It's the same whether it is mechanical or soft goods, the reliabililty is never 100%- just real world expectation.
    I guess that's why manufacturers give consumers a warranty, not a guarantee.
    Quote Originally Posted by lootzyan View Post
    That's (not) funny. It reminds me (very) old joke about worker reporting to a boss that he can't operate vehicle because one wheel is broken.
    "How many wheels are in the vehicle?" - asked boss.
    "You have three good wheels left, yes?... So, stop complaining and go back to work!"

    Honda would love this kind of statements from owners.
    They know about DCT design problems from the beginning. That's why they put in owner's manual this ridiculous and arrogant advice what to do "If you cannot start the engine".

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    I just experience the same issue with my bike today and last week. I'm going schedule repair Im going to mention this problem to the mechanic.

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