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Thread: OEM Heated Grips do not heat up

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    Question OEM Heated Grips do not heat up

    I have a 2014 NC700XD, original battery (so getting close to 3 years). Beyond the heated grips (OEM Honda accessory), I have aux LED lights which I dont think consume a lot of power. OEM heated grips were installed by the dealer when I purchased the bike new in 2014, and are wired with the right harness and stuff.

    When I turn the heated grips on, the red indicator lights blink and flash (as expected). Though on the lowest setting the flashing sets go on for 6 sets, instead of 3 sets - like they used to. The grips do not ever heat up.
    - I don't think it is the fuse. Since the red indicator lights on the grips (that signal the High, Medium, Low setting) come on.

    Before I start taking off panels and wires, I wanted to get the wisdom from the crowd. Has anyone seen this before, any ideas on troubleshooting, could it be the battery? Any tips or advice.

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    Link to the install instructions, there are some basic troubleshooting on the last page.

    After 2015 has different instructions and the instructions have a wire diagram. Not sure of all the changes but some of the info might apply. But there are errors codes in the newer versions and the resistance in the grips has changed from 2.2 to 8 ohms. Which means the system and controller is really different.
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    Thanks. That is pretty insightful. Looks like the 2015 was a complete upgrade and overhaul of the circuit. They even have indicators to troubleshoot or figure out if there is an issue. Too bad, I have the old one.

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