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Thread: NC700x stator replacement

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    NC700x stator replacement

    Hello everyone!
    So I am at wits end with my NC700x I have a huge gas mileage decrease can anyone maybe give me any reasons why this is happening?
    So a bought a 2013 NC700x used with a nice aftermarket muffler on it and even hand warmers!
    I bought it for a fantastic price but mainly because the mileage was around 20,000 :-/ despite the high mileage it still ran amazingly and sounded awesome!
    I was invited to do a little bit of off-road venturing so bought new tires and hit the trails for a weekend. I may have went a bit overboard and decided to do a river cross and got soaked, but Id like to point out I made it across and didn't drop it once on the trip. the bike still continued to run great until a few months later I moved down to Florida from Maryland.
    I haven't done more then 400 miles when the problems started. First I took care of my chain (expected its old and has ran on the same chain 20g+)
    Almost a week later the battery started going to shit. eventually It just wouldn't hold a charge for more then 5 minutes. I quickly took it to the same shop who worked on my chain and at a light I made the dumb decision to try to keep the engine running by over revving the engine (I'd like to point out I am a new rider and stupid)
    well once the overheating took effect fluid started draining out the drainage hose so I shut it off and towed it to the place.
    So they told me I needed a new stator ( I figured that much) I paid out the *** for a new stator because it was out of warranty and they implored me to buy factory stock.
    **at this point is when I started getting ticked off.**
    ever since I got my bike back it is extremely quiet (the muffler barely pushes air out), The rpm's in 5th gear will not go above 4,000 rpms!!, its gas mileage is now barely getting over 50mpg and finally It will top out at barely 90mph X-(
    Ive done the following in effort to improve performance with zero effect, I replaced spark plugs, I cleaned and checked air filter, and I even brought it back to them to run diagnostics and check electrical all tests came back normal and they told me that 50mpg is great and it doesn't go fast because it is a 700cc and that is expected with age.......I tend to believe that sounds like a bunch of bull.

    Please any suggestions you have for me to resolve this would be greatly appreciated! I'm very close to buying a manual and learning how to rewire my complete system!!

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    Original battery? If it wasn't holding a charge battery should be your first thought.

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    20k is barely broken in. Multiples NCs with over 100k.
    Water crossings are no problem. I've done many with over the front wheel as my high but vm1313 holds the documented record with briefly up to the seat.
    That is the first stator I've heard of going bad. Plenty of bad batteries causing weird issues. I wonder if you don't have a battery going bad.
    Other than that I wonder if they put something back together wrong.

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    Make sure your not dragging a brake. Stator not normal wear out itemNC700x stator replacement

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    Either way it sounds like a mistake the shop made putting your bike back together. I would be curious if your bike was tuned previously for the aftermarket muffler. Accounting for the extra air is important and can cause plenty of performance related issues. If there was a tune in place beforehand and the electronics got fried while they messed around with the stator. A battery in poor condition could still be an issue but I'd be led to believe there was something the shop did.

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    My first reaction is that the shop dorked it up, but then I started thinking they blew the diagnosis altogether. I seriously doubt the stator was the problem; I've had 3 phase stators still running a bike on only 2 phases (damage caused by a failed Reg/Rect BTW). Replacing a stator is quite straightforward also. But isn't the Reg/Rect in a good location to get soaked on the NC? Did they check the R/R function and stator output first? Backing up, did they test the battery first. I seem to remember reading about low system voltage causing injectors not to fire; might be imagining that one. Low charging voltage doesn't immediately equal stator; R/R should be a suspect. 50mpg is not normal; the mileage is low not high; a NC pulls plenty hard and should have a good exhaust note if the cylinders are firing. Verify the plugs are actually firing and check the muffler for obstructions. Check to make sure they didn't disconnect a fuel injector for some reason (electrical). Not sure how rough a NC runs on one cylinder, but perhaps one of them is not firing (spark or fuel); but those I think would throw a fault code and make the MIL (fault) light come on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jretac View Post
    I'm very close to buying a manual and learning how to rewire my complete system!!
    So you think it is an electrical issue? If so, it is probably related to your water crossing, never a good idea with a bike designed as a commuter/grocery getter ;-)

    Electrical issues can be a bear to troubleshoot, you are in luck since yours (if it is electrical) doesn't appear to be intermittent. Those are the worst.

    You have done the things that I think most of us would do and are capable of doing: New plugs, clean air filter, etc,
    Did you bring it to a Honda dealer or did you have an independent look at it? I would hit up a Honda dealer and have them check it out if you haven't already.

    I'm a bit baffled about your overheating and over revving issue. I thought the NC had fuel/ignition cutoffs to prevent over revving. If the engine did overheat/over rev there is a possibility you did some damage to the engine before the shop ever touched your bike.. Have the valves been checked? Any coolant in the exhaust? Any exhaust in the coolant? How about a simple compression test? Those are some of the things I would check out.

    These are pretty slow motorcycles but you should be able to break 100mph if not loaded and fighting a head wind. Riding at a reasonable speed in the flatland of Florida I would expect closer to 65 mpg than barely over 50 so something might be amiss.

    Hope you get if figured out!
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    A lot going on here ? Which makes for guesses and speculation with limited information.

    The low flow out the of exhaust, overheating and low power..............sounds a lot like a plugged exhaust. Prior running problem melted the catalyst ??????

    After overheating .......internal engine components must be checked. As mentioned compression, oil water mixing, oil pressure cam scuffing would be all key indicators.
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    I'll second showkey. There is a lot of guessing here. The key to good troubleshooting is a good solid description then a methodical process that narrows down your issue.

    Krampus had some good points and very well-thought comment dealing with the electrical. The issue is if you are not a person with the tools and intimate knowledge of powertrain electronics it gets out of hand quick.

    Nobody here would think less if you take it to a reputable dealer to have them do a professional troubleshoot and diagnosis. (Just don't forget to give us the details!)

    Maybe the place to start would be asking yourself how confident you are in tackling the issue. It's not impossible to use this as a continued education process, but there will be some growing pains without some senior help hanging around for direction and explanation.

    You definitely have an issue with the motorcycle, the next step is deciding - shop or DIY.

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    I'll pass on a story about overheating that may (or may not be relevant) considering what @showkey mentioned:
    A good friend of mine is a commercial pilot. At the time, she was running cargo around Atlantic Canada. On her way back in one day, she had significant engine troubles/failure and had to make a dead-stick landing. When the plane was towed back into the shop and the engine torn down, it was noted that several of the compressor-section turbine blades had melted and re-solidified on the power-section. The investigation concluded that this engine had previously (several flights beforehand) overheated and affected the material properties of the compressor blades. From that point, it was only a matter of time until something exciting happened.
    I'd say checking for a blockage in the exhaust due to something melted or otherwise damaged would be worth your time. Not sure exactly how to go about it, but pulling the pipes and trying to blow air through them might be able to give you an idea. May be able to give them a bit of a shake and see if you can hear any rattling from the cat area too. Could be anything from a slight exhaust blockage or a minor electrical problem all the way up to having a really interesting piece of sculpture instead of a functioning engine. Best of luck.

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