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I'm hoping to see input from a UK member on this, but I suspect the OP may still be practicing the old habit or requirement that gearboxes be put in neutral at stop lights. I don't know much about this, but I see bits and pieces that indicate that older laws and custom made it illegal or impolite to sit at a stoplight with the transmission in gear in the U.K.

I have a manual transmission, and the only time I select neutral is when the engine is off and I'm pushing the bike around or doing maintenance.
In a car with a manual transmission you would fail your driving test if you did not put the car in neutral and engage the hand brake at ALL stops (traffic lights & stop signs). That was the case 25-30 years ago when I learning to drive in the UK and took the test. Once you passed the test it was one of the first things you dropped, along with the "don't cross your hands" when turning the steering wheel!! You might still use the hand brake if you were stopped on a slope, but after having a parent that was hit from the rear a couple of different times while stopped I was told you would fare better if the car was in neutral and you took your foot off the brake and had no hand brake on. When I moved State-side I found it a little odd that the hand brake was known as the emergency brake because it was used so frequently in the UK, it wasn't for emergencies!! I was not allowed to ride motorbikes due to my dad's multiple accidents on his, so I don't know what they taught for that.

As for my DCT, I put it in N before I turn it off and whenever I'm pushing the bike backward into a parking spot.