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Thread: Fuel gauge?

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    Fuel gauge?

    When the key is off it seams the bottom bar in the fuel gauge is still on and it is red? Thanks Joe

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    I think it is just an optical illusion Joe. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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    That is a common simple and inexpensive way to get a 2 color LCD indicator. Basically the glass over the LCD bar is painted red. When that LCD bar is on you see the black LCD bar and not the red. When the LCD bar is off you see the red. So now you can have a 2 color flashing indicator that your gas is in reserve status.

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    This is a common question, hence it is answered in FAQ post #3, sixth question. Look here:

    Bama is correct except that the red is actually painted on the grey reflective sheet behind the LCD plate. The LCD black section is slightly larger than the red bar, to ensure it can completely block the red bar. Thus, you can't see any red at all, even from a slight angle, when the LCD section in front of it goes from clear to opaque. If the red was painted on above the LCD plate, it would still look red even with a black bar behind it.
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    I guess I never noticed before. Yesterday I had the flash, first time it was that low. Thanks Joe

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