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Thread: How long did your original clutch last?

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    Quote Originally Posted by itlives View Post
    If I remember right, he also didn't use all new parts.
    The dealership in Mexico had about 2/3's of the clutch parts I needed. So, I took the parts that the Honda dealer had in stock and mixed them with the EBC clutch parts I could salvage. Was in a hurry to get to Copper Canyon, Mexico and it was late at night, so also I did not properly soak the new clutch plates the required time. Drove the bike hard in Copper Canyon, so I was really not all that surprise when the clutch went out 10,000 miles later. Except I did not expect the clutch to go out at rush hour on top of the Mississippi River Bridge without any warning. My current clutch is all Honda parts, it has about 2,000 miles round trip to Daytona, 4,000 miles round trip to Alaska, 2,000 miles round trip to Sturgis, and 2,000 round trip to H.U. in North Carolina.
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    Senior Member How long did your original clutch last?
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    Aight, well it appears as though it'd be a bit early for my clutch to "go," so I'll just continue on and pay close attention to it.

    Thanks guys.

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    I still have free play in mine and ride primarily ALL street with my time split between local neighborhood stops and freeway, but do pull in my clutch a LOT when coasting downhill. I have 68,000 miles thus far. I'm considering replacing mine prior to a trip planned next month for a couple of weeks with about 3K of travel estimated.

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    I use my NC for commuting and some day trips and I just want past 90,000 last weekend, on the original clutch

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    Quote Originally Posted by rippin209 View Post
    I use my NC for commuting and some day trips and I just want past 90,000 last weekend, on the original clutch
    Holy thread resurrection... But yeah, mine is exactly the same, 90k on the original clutch - still no slippage so I'm expecting 100k+
    I use the clutch to pull away in 1st, once rolling I never use it on the upshift and always balance the revs on a downshift (blip throttle so the clutch is spinning at approx same speed as the plate before engaging) - so that helps prolong clutch life too,
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    Senior Member How long did your original clutch last?
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    for anyone who was curious... his clutch is still fine, and I think I'm at 47k.
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