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Thread: See Inside A Helmet Torture Chamber: wBW Goes To Snell

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    See Inside A Helmet Torture Chamber: wBW Goes To Snell

    I recently wrote a review of the Bell SRT Modular helmet that was, in my eyes, pretty standard wBW quality and unremarkable. Originally it had been assigned to one of our other reviewers before being passed to me which again seems unimportant. Looking back now a couple of months later Iím on the verge of ...
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    Both my wife and I have Snell rated helmets. I never found the DOT standard to be anything above a minimum standard, and the DOT standard has been shown to be outdated and generally inadequate. No standard is perfect. No helmet is perfect. But I'm looking for the safest helmet I can get not the one that meets the minimal standards.

    After reading the article I'm more impressed with the Snell standards.

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    The thing is that no one really knows what the safest helmet standard is and that there are lots of variables in accidents not accounted for so pick a helmet that fits both your head and your risk tolerance level and get out there. The guy next to us at a traffic light looking down from the seat of his 5,000 lb. SUV might think a rider in the best swaddling clothes CE & Snell has to offer is taking unimaginable risks while that rider is thinking the same of a half helmeted rider in a wife beater and tennis shoes.

    Train, train, train and ride a lot in as many conditions as you can reasonably expect to encounter. Mitigate risk actively.


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