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A sidecar rig with standard motorcycle forks and average trail is a beast to steer. The loads on the driver's arms are very high due to having to turn the forks like a tricycle to steer and in response the self-centering forces from trail resist any movement from straight ahead. Leading link forks reduce or remove trail and the self centering forces that trail creates.
Leading link forks don't inherently change trail (and therefore self centering) vs telescopic forks. A BMW bike with stock leading link forks has a reasonable amount of trail, and with custom triple clamps you could make a telescopic fork have whatever amount of trail you want.

What I suspect the advantage to leading link forks is is that telescopic forks end up binding when they have significant side load. On a typical motorcycle, side load is uncommon - when cornering, the bike is leaned over and the total load is reasonably close to in line with the forks. On a sidecar rig, there's a lot of side load, so it makes sense to change the forks out for something else.