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Thread: exhaust adapter to 50.8mm inside diameter

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    I tried installing the mid pipe I got and it doesn't fit. The side closer to the engine is too small to fit the gasket, the pipe over all is too long and the angle is wrong, even with simple modifications I couldn't get it to work.

    I tried making it shorter (also made the side closer to the engine a little larger (the pipe is tapered) but the angle is to drastic.

    If I extended the hanger (exhaust pipe mount) and finished enlarging the side I cut (closer to the engine) I could make it work but the exhaust is going to be sitting 3" or 4" lower, not ideal.

    So I'm not recommending the mid pipe, I'll try making it work Mon or Tue and post a picture then

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    exhaust adapter to 50.8mm inside diameter-20190602_200855-jpgexhaust adapter to 50.8mm inside diameter-20190602_200914-jpg

    The smaller adapter that came with the silencer fit into the large OD and sort of gets squished into the pipe end by the springs. There's a 2" ID x 2" long piece of black turbo-grade hose over the connection for more stability and to cover up the wonky midpipe. Even with the plug is out it's only loud of I want it to be with one exception -it always makes a short growl at start up.

    The other day I went riding with an old ~1600cc Harley and a fairly new ~1800cc Victory. When we all got on the throttle I wasn't the loudest but I wasn't drowned out. Both said they could hear me.

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