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Thread: Big Fairing for Small Price

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    Quote Originally Posted by StratTuner View Post
    That phrase caught my eye... I make a point of giving the "keep two wheels down" hand sigh (two fingers pointing down) at

    motorcycle police

    both risk the same as I do and deserve that "blessing" as much as any rider.
    I agree, two wheels is two wheels. Heck, I even wave at Spyder riders - they are looked down on too. The last one I waved at was obviously surprised but he quickly waved back. I once read a Spyder rider's reply to a motorcyclist who wouldn't acknowledge 3 wheelers and the Spyder owner explained that he had ridden motorcycles his whole life but he developed some physical problems that prevented him from riding a 2 wheeler. He was incredibly grateful to be able to stay on the road because of his Spyder which still gave him most of the joy he felt on his motorcycle. We are all riding for similar reasons for the most part and I like to think of it as one big multi-colored fraternity (though I'm still a little afraid of my Hell's Angel brothers).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelJohn View Post
    I hardly ever got acknowledged by motorcycles on my scooter - now it's back to the motorcycle wave. There is no getting around the fact that scooters are looked down upon by most motorcycle riders.
    I got my share of waves on my MP3 which was both scooter and 3 wheeler. Oddly enough those least likely to wave back were other scooter riders.

    Yes we did get looked down upon by some, but it sure was fun to pass them in the mountains where they couldn't come close to keeping up. Many times someone would catch me when I pulled over up the road and stop to talk with praise on my scooter's capability. It was really only the ones who liked the tough guy image who looked down. Most others would kid about it in fun but still give respect.
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    this is the reason Honda should bring the Honda integra 700/750 to the USA. start calling and sending letter to honda please

    honda integra has a fairing, DCT, and great mileage.

    is like riding a NC with factory fairing.

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    ah but the NC has more luggage space.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnakay View Post
    ah but the NC has more luggage space.
    I wouldn't want the "frunk" the integra has... I'd rather take an NC and put my own fairing on.
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    I pretty much wave to everyone riding on two or three wheels. I'd wave to the serious bicyclists if they weren't such boneheads. They are slow compared to a motorcycle or car but think it's fine to ride in the middle of the road. I don't mind sharing the road but I've come close to taking out a cyclist when they swerve over to the middle on winding mountain roads with blind corners. I recently encountered one riding down the middle of a standard straight road by himself with a perfectly good bike lane wide open on the right. I honked the horn aggressively to scare him. Total dingbat.

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    I've found you don't need to honk the horn aggressively if you'll just give a short blast to let them know you're coming. Usually, you'll see one look back to let you know he heard you.
    That's the way it works for me. I have air horns, too. I know they hear me.

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    Interesting on who waves to who. I do wave to all. Back in the late 60's and 70s you waved as motorcycles were much more rare on the road. Harleys would never wave back. Now most will. Some still won't wave if you are riding a jap bike. I always got waves from fellow wing riders...always, until I started riding my 2001 CBR 1100XX Super Black Bird. Oh my, such motorcycle snobs! The ST1300A gets waves and so does the NC700X. I guess people who ride sport bikes are not worthy. Makes me chuckle to think it just depends on the bike. Small minded people...

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    My NC700 is 2014, and I ordered a Puig touring screen for it. Here's the one I got, mine is smoke. It's still sitting in the box in my garage. I am not sure if it will work on the 2016, though. I can post up a pic once I install it. Hope to do it this weekend.

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    After seeing your fairing creations (the second version looks good)
    I do want to figure out a way to get get coverage (that's my biggest problem)
    Thanks for posting, I'm feeling inspired.
    I'll try my hand at making something up soon

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