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Thread: Emergency Frunk Cable made simple

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    I've got a bunch of type III 550 paracord, once I get it opened up I'll see if that could work, it's rated at 550 lbs so strength should not be an issue.
    It's also very light, so routing will have to include a way for wind to not blow it to an inaccessible location.

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    Did it!

    After some success with the frunk key, I undertook the emergency release cable mod with some wire aaaaand no troubles!

    I snaked it straight down along the ridge of the plastic. I put red tape around the end loop, partly for my visibility, partly because I'm putting red duct tape everywhere these days...

    Aaand it works!

    Emergency Frunk Cable made simple-20170903_153925-jpg
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    I have seen this thread before but have not done the mod until tonight. Almost 4 years of ownership and have not run out of gas or locked my key in the frunk. I am living on borrowed time and consider myself lucky.

    This will allow me to deliberately lock my keys in the frunk if I am going someplace where the possibility of losing the keys is high.

    Even some of the cars I work on have emergency release cables for the fuel door or the hood if the battery goes dead or there is problem with release mechanisms.

    Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread.


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    You won't regret it. I tend to stow my gear in my bike, and I have to admit, since I've rigged the quick release, it's become second nature when I accidentally close the frunk too soon--which I do all the time--to just reach for the quick release. Good luck.

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