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Thread: Aprilia Tuono Rear Shock (Sachs)

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    How are you supporting the bike when swapping it?

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    1 used the center stand and a ratchet strap to raise and lower the rear wheel/swingarm to line things up

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    I don't have a centerstand. Might have to rig something up that attaches where it would.

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    Got it on.

    Ended up just flipping the right footpeg upside down and using a floor jack under it. Worked great.

    Didn't have to do any clearancing. It's close but not touching.

    A piece of info that might be helpful: my suspension guy ordered a spring one size longer than what Racetech suggested, and it works great with no spacer etc. That'll save you a few bucks and looks better IMO.

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    I just got around to finally installing my 2014 Tuono V4 Sachs shock. It does not have the length adjusters but I can confirm that it fits on a 2017 LED NC750X, although the reservoir does press on the plastics.

    Aprilia Tuono Rear Shock (Sachs)-dsc_0520-jpgAprilia Tuono Rear Shock (Sachs)-dsc_0523-jpg

    I went with the stock springs and max'd out preload settings but still couldn't get a proper sag setting. Bike was squatting a lot and slower to turn. However, together with the Showa Dual Bending Valves up front, the ride is now so much better than with the stock shocks! No more jarring shocks from rough roads. It also corners and holds a line like it's on rails and this is with the soft springs.

    I set the compression and rebound according to recommendations from the forum below as a starting ball park, and it worked pretty well for my 80kg (175 lbs) weight.
    Compression 1 turns from max out
    Rebound 20 turns in from max out
    Performance Bikes May 2005 issue - Tuono set up guide

    I'd be ordering new springs based on the recommendations in the previous posts. Thanks for the info guys.

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    Hello all.

    For those contemplating I just wanted to pass on some information on my experience after I completed my install of a APRILIA RSV4 TUONO V4 OEM SACKS ADJUSTABLE REAR SHOCK. Again it was the adjustable version. I just used some long bolts between the top and bottom joints of both the OEM and Aprilla and eyeballed it as best I could. It seemed to work out well. Looking the the shock linkage, there is room and the height adjustability might be useful later on if I want to experiment.

    I am about 200 lbs and researching the past threads I chose and was able to get a 1092-49 Ohlins spring from Cogent Dynamics for $90, along with my front fork emulators. They are a great crew there, and props to Todd for working so much with me.

    Yes the shock was a tight fit with the reservoir but, as with the many before me, it fits.

    My main point that I discovered and wanted to share is the top mount bolt design as seen in the attached pics. Aprilia Tuono Rear Shock (Sachs)-shock-mount-1-jpgAprilia Tuono Rear Shock (Sachs)-shock-mount-2-jpgAprilia Tuono Rear Shock (Sachs)-shock-mount-3-jpg

    Basically the head of the top mounting bolt goes THROUGH the mounting flange on the left side squeezes the shock tight against the only the right flange. The head of the bolt is obviously held secure by the collar for the vertical movements, but this essentially means that spacer width for the upper left side of the shock mount is not an issue. Its a small thing but may help those considering going to the details of very specific width spacers. I was able to find washes that were were .2 mm which for me was close enough.

    And, with only 15 mile ride so far, with the Cogent dynamic emulators, fork springs, oil, the RSV4 V4 shock with the 1092-49 Ohlins spring, the bike is much better all around. The jolty road cracks are all but gone now. My wrists and back are much happier.

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    The jolty road cracks are all but gone now

    This is what made the cost of my RaceTech stuff worth it. Plus the all around better handling and feeling more secure and.......well lots I guess.
    Ready for the next Dragon meet.
    Attached Images Attached Images Aprilia Tuono Rear Shock (Sachs)-woohoo-gif 

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    Tuono shock top eye

    Quote Originally Posted by Ruggybuggy View Post
    The new spring came in from KFG. I installed it Saturday and learned a few more things about the swap. I went with the 180mm X 120nm spring and my sag numbers are perfect. The spring leave plenty of adjustment so it should work for heavier riders.

    First the springs. The 180 is to the left, 170 in the middle and the stock 160 Tuono spring is the right one.

    This is the 170mm X 110nm spring installed and set to my sag (175lbs). You can see where the adjustment rings are set and I wasn't able to achieve proper free sag when the proper rider sag was set.

    This is the 180mm X 120nm spring installed and notice now where the adjustment rings are set. This was close to where the rings are after sag was set.

    I disassembled the NC's shock to see what I was working with and I was amazed how strong the spring was. I used a large spring compressor at work and it took some effort to compress it.

    Comparison of the NC and Tuono.

    I compared the two shocks and they are identical in both length and compression. The Tuono's shocks adjustment screw does both rebound and adjustment. Turn the adjustment screw out and compression is very easy and it rebounds almost instantly. Turn the screw all the way in and compression very difficult and rebound is very slow. Set the screw to a little over half way and it's similar to the NC. The screw has 42 positions and my final setting was 30 clicks in.

    You can see how the stroke is the same and I did measure it and found them to be almost the same.

    This is the Tuono shock installed on the bike with the 170 spring and for comparison the bottom picture is the 180 spring installed with the correct free sag and rider sag. Note the position of the adjustment rings. I set free sag to 5mm and rider sag was set to 38mm. My weight is 175lbs.

    There is only one issue with using the shock that hasn't been discussed. The Tuono (Sachs) shock uses a rubber mounted bushing on the bottom and the NC uses a bushing with needle bearings on the bottom. How long will that rubber bushing last used in that position? The Sachs does have a needle bearing arrangement but in the top position when mounted to the NC.
    The Touno shock top eye is a spherical bearing. What you see is the beige oil seal.
    Pry out the 2 bushings , remove the seals & you'll see the brg.
    Should last a long time.

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    maybe the RSV4 shock upgrade deserves its own topic ?
    Did someone who did this upgrade (RSV4 shock) with a 180 mm long, 12 k/mm stiffness could sumarize his setting including the preload adjustment ?

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