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Thread: Wind noise for tall riders

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    I made a quick (I say that in a self-deprecating way so I don't feel bad about wasting a few hours on this project) cad drawing of the different shield options I have tried on my NC. I added height measurements. I have widths, but figured they were not as pertinent and would just clutter up the sketch. Anyway, this is drawn to scale based on a series of photos I took. The rider is me (6'2" tall) wearing my Arai Signet-Q. I thought it might be fun/helpful/maddening to use this as a running project. If anyone would like to contribute a head on photo of other shields on their bikes, I will scale it to my drawing and add it. I am interested in seeing how the Calsci and Madstats compare.

    Wind noise for tall riders-shields-fwd-me-jpg

    Like I said, if anyone wants to contribute to this project, just add a comment with a head on pic of your shield setup. I will try to add them as I have time/effort to do so. I have also considered doing a side view comparison, with the intent of cadding it up like this and plugging the wireframe sketch into some free simple fluid dynamics software to visualize airflow. I don't know how effective this would be, as individual riders/luggage also have a significant effect on airflow. But I won't know until i try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjeff View Post
    Get a gold wing - problem solved
    The Goldwing has the opposite problem. Not enough air on warm days. You need to install Baker Built Hand Wings so you can direct some air at you, or else it's too stuffy.
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    Road trip this summer, Calsci Tall using Dale's plates upper holes. Three young Moose in the background in Alberta field, the reason I took the pic. Not a full front pic but I hope it helps. Ride safe
    Attached Images Attached Images Wind noise for tall riders-@014-016-jpg 

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    Senior Member Wind noise for tall riders Lou Wambsganss's Avatar
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    Thanks Porko. I used your image for the Cal Sci Tall and used an image off the Cal Sci website for their Medium size.

    Incidentally, the pics I took of me and my shields has proved to be extra valuable (for me at least). I've found that the camera position when I took those pics was right where my normal line of sight is. So, in the sketch, when a shield is shown at or above eye level, I am actually looking through it in real life. I might be able to get used to it, but the first time I rode with the XCreen full up on the Cee Bailey's, I was looking through the XCreen and I didn't like it. Because of this, about the middle of the adjustment range is as tall as I can have the XCreen and still comfortably look over it. This would indicate that the Cal Sci Medium is about as tall as I could go and still look over the screen. If I got the Cal Sci Large, I would be looking through the shield full time. Again, maybe I could get used to that over time, but it was bothering me for the first few minutes.

    Here is the updated image:

    Wind noise for tall riders-shields-fwd-me2-jpg
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    Well i am so glad i found this thread! I'm 6'6" and 225lb with a 36" inseam. I really hate the "bikini" screen the factory uses/comes on our bikes. I mean seriously, who does that fit? I'd sure like to meet him! I did however ride a friends NC with the much taller factory wind screen and found it is much nicer then mine! He is ordering a new 22" Madstad and i get his old one...Score! :{)
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    I haven't got enough miles on mine yet to know what I don't know, but for the guys who are drilling holes etc.... way back in the good old days ...... I had a Vetter Windjammer fairing and it had pop out vents that I thought worked pretty well. You can no longer buy a windjammer but you apparently can still get the replacement vents Online Store: Replacement Vetter Parts

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