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Thread: Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags

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    MKN 700: Congrats! If you're refering to this setup-

    Here's the info from the US importer:

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    Here is my luggage setup until finances allow me to get hard cases.

    Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags-nc-fall-2-jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKN 700 View Post
    I just joined the forum today & bought my bike a few weeks ago. How much did your saddlebags & top bag/box cost you? This is exactly what I'm looking for.
    Thank you
    Howdy from Texas!
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    Here's mine with E21's.Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags-e21-side-view-jpg

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    Mine with WLH side pannier.

    Singapore registered bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunNut37086 View Post
    +1 for got my Kappa K33N bags from them for $212 shipped and my Givi engine guards for $123 shipped. Great prices if you don't mind waiting.
    What mounting kit do you need for Kappa side cases?
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    Givi E22N side case from Motostotrom with Honda top box

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    Quote Originally Posted by lue42 View Post
    What mounting kit do you need for Kappa side cases?
    Sorry, didn't notice this til now...they use Givi mounting kits

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    [QUOTE=HONDABIKEPRO;81301]I have trax bags.

    If I may ask, what type of hand guards are those? Thanks.

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