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Thread: Kuryakyn highway pegs

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    Have I not seen a picture of your bike with highway pegs attached? What's up with those?

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    crash bars

    Quote Originally Posted by mpgandfun View Post
    I put these on yesterday, along with a set of Rox 2" risers. Hopefully this will take care of
    some of the discomfort that comes with several 600 mile days in the saddle. I will be giving them
    a test starting this weekend.

    When I pulled them out of the box, I thought "WOW, these things are huge and will look out of place on the NC.".
    After getting them on, I don't think they're too big for the bike now.

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    I wonder if sw motech crash bars would get in the way of this setup? (unable to find proper 27mm setup for clamp to sw motech)?

    John C

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