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Thread: nut plates for winshields

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    Dale’s rear rack is one of the top 3 farkles I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapturee View Post
    Just ordered my set of nut plates, i'll bet they arrive before my new Parabellum windscreen does haha! :{)
    I just ordered the Parabellum windscreen too. I was very happy with the one I got for my Vstrom years ago. Will be ordering nut plates very soon too.

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    SO good to hear Juan, i sure like mine! Word of advice, do not "over tighten" the machine screws into the nut plates. The pressed in nuts will turn on you if you do. I had to remove one of mine and tighten it, then reinstall the plate and all was well. I have been a shadetree fabricator for 30 years and have made a lot of really cool stuff(imho), but i'm telling you Dale's craftsmanship is superb!
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    nut plates for winshields
    nut plates for winshields
    nut plates for winshields
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    If you over tighten you can brake aftermarket windshields! These inserts are only five mm. They only need to be snug! Also being this size, makes them easier to brake off in a crash! I use to make 6mm plates, but we’re way to strong! Please be aware, nc 700 uses two nut plates. Nc750 uses four. Honda changed spacing on them from the nc700! Both sets of plates are always in stock! I also have racks in stock! If you damage a nut plate contact me with all shipping info, I will mail you a replacement, at no charge! Thanks Dale

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