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Thread: Seat Concepts, version 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottHump View Post
    Looks great, you did a really nice job.

    I tried doing the same thing with the factory seat. I shaved it down, inserted a different piece of foam that I thought would be awesome. Stapled it back together... and hated it.

    It looked horrible too. I called it Frankenseat. We can add "stapling seat covers" to the list of things I suck at.

    I almost bought the seat concepts but decided to go back to a known quantity and had Seth Laam make a seat for me. It cost more than the seat concepts, but I had one on my Versys so I knew it it would be great. And it is. It's kinda like sitting on a leather office chair. Kinda firm, but soft too. It's awesome.

    Glad to hear you solved your seat issue, and thanks for all the info.
    Thanks for posting. I have not heard of the Seth Laam Seat. I’ll need to investigate it.
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    I'm lucky enough to live about 3 hours south of his shop in Redding, CA so I was able to do a ride-in and have it made while I waited. Most of his stuff is all done through the mail. I was there in June and he was booked through August. He does it all himself. Some people will send it back and ask for a modification, and he's totally cool about doing that. Dude knows what he's doing. If you do reach out to him, I would call him directly, rather than contact him via the website.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 670cc View Post
    Thanks for posting. I have not heard of the Seth Laam Seat. Iíll need to investigate it.
    I believe he used to work for Russell Day Long seats. I have heard good things about his seats on my CBR 1100XX and ST1300 forums. I also heard that his prices are less then what RDL charges. You'd have to check to be sure though.

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