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Thread: Seat mod......slope change

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    Alright then...guess I’ll just have to toughen up! LOL. I have some bike shorts but havent thought to try them with this bike. Will give them a try and just start putting on more miles. My planned ride this fall will require 300-400 mile days so i have a ways to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harpomark View Post
    TWIMC...okay, so here’s where I am on this seat thing. After some experimentation I ended up ordering a Sargent seat and had a long conversation with them about making my seat to correct the forward tilt issue, which they did a good job with and My lower back is no longer the issue. That’s the good news. The bad news is that while the Sargent seat is definitely an improvement over the stock seat, my arse is still killing me. I put about 175 miles on today and was pretty miserable. Rode another 150 last Saturday and had the same experience. Not sure if I need to send the seat back to Sargent for them to add additional foam ( $90.00 plus shipping) or maybe think about trying an Airhawk ( $125 approx) or something similar. I am planning a long ride for the fall and between the seat issues and the rear shock problems, I’m starting to wonder if I can get this bike properly sorted out in terms of comfort.

    Any further wisdom to add?
    If you’re in Alabama, heat can be a problem. My number one obstacle for long distance riding is butt/thigh sweating which eventually leads to chafing, a.k.a. Monkey Butt. Choosing the right underwear and riding pants can help. Where the seams are located on the pants or undergarment can be critical. There are also open mesh seat covers that promote air flow. You gotta stay dry.
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    My Sargent did not feel right until about four thousand miles. I used an Airhawk for that time.]

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    To be blunt you need to be riding 300-400 miles a day two or three times a month now and up to your trip. You will not only build the stamina needed you will also have lots of days to experience weather and clothing combinations.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hank View Post
    My Sargent did not feel right until about four thousand miles. I used an Airhawk for that time.
    Interesting. I am hoping it will break in at some point. Right now it’s about to break me! I am definitely looking at the Airhawk as an option.

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