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Thread: Looking for wide beam auxiliary lights

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    Looking for wide beam auxiliary lights

    Hello all! My current AUX lights are some sort of long range spot beams. I need a bit shorter range wide beams for highway illumination around here (not a single lamp around).

    Anyway, Can anyone recommend some decent set? I need the beam to be wider.

    Thanks all, have a good one

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    PIAA makes some excellent aux lights with a very good driving light pattern. That means they still illuminate well at long distance, but they offer a relatively short-range lateral spread. If that’s what you want, they do an excellent job in LED as well as halogen.
    If on the other hand you’re looking for more of a fog light pattern (that’s all very short range lateral spread; no long distance illumination at all), well they still do that but I don’t know about LED. The key here is to look at the light pattern first. The older names in aux lights all tell you what light patterns they offer. It’s the Johnny-come-latelys and the companies who are just selling spec sheet brightness that ignore light patterns, IME.

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    I wanted wide beam on the front with an on/off switch. [HERE] is what worked for me. Cheap and DIY.
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    When I added lights, I used the stock lens for the inside and a WA lens for the outside. Figured this will give me a little bit of the best of both worlds: outside will light up the side of the road while the inside will provide distance lighting without as much impact to oncoming traffic. Did this for both the higher up & brighter lights as well as the amber lights down on the front axle level. Can't really tell from this though.

    Looking for wide beam auxiliary lights-20171106_065401-web-jpg

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