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Thread: temp gauge?

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    temp gauge?

    I'm used to having a temp gauge on my bikes. Is there any specific one I should look into? I can't imagine it'll have any problems with normal use but if the radiator gets filled with mud I'd like to know sooner rather than later.

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    Here is a past thread on a similar topic: Water Temperature Gauge
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    temp gauge?

    There is the Mini 3 gauge and a handlebar bracket that is marketed for the Grom. It looks neat. It has a temp sensor you put on the engine.
    It’s a nice and neat package.

    Here is an Amazon screen shot. Search there are they have the bracket too. I remember seeing somewhere that the Grom bracket bolted right on the NC700X, but I don’t own it and I haven’t measured it to verify. The measurements are on the Manufacturer’s website if you want to verify proper fit.


    Edit: Looks like the bracket fits:
    Handlebar bracket

    I'm not sure of the temp sensor. Koso has many different gauges that fit the bracket. Google 'Koso Mini 3'.

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