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Thread: Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

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    Senior Member Wiring an Auxiliary Battery
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    Weight distribution front to rear is important as well. There's a reason performance bikes all put you so far forward. Whether or not it matters for you I don't know.

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    Senior Member Wiring an Auxiliary Battery GregC's Avatar
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    if you take your home unit on the road, will you need an inverter? Does the home unit come with a straight DC connector?

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    GregC--The cPAP manufacturer (ResMed) is quite happy to sell me a 12v to the required 24v convertor for $95.00. $65.00 on Amazon if I were a doctor. (I asked my brother, an MD, if he could order it. His office doesn't have an Amazon account.)
    There are guys on ADVrider using a deep-charge battery 16-18 Ah, and finding power to spare in the morning.
    I'm still in research mode; lots more questions than answers so far.
    Rumor is that the ResMed website has a lot of information on running from batteries. Guess that's my next stop.
    Keep the ideas coming, both for my use and perhaps others who use a cPAP machine and have a different approach than mine.
    Thanks again, guys.

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