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Thread: Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

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    if you take your home unit on the road, will you need an inverter? Does the home unit come with a straight DC connector?

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    GregC--The cPAP manufacturer (ResMed) is quite happy to sell me a 12v to the required 24v convertor for $95.00. $65.00 on Amazon if I were a doctor. (I asked my brother, an MD, if he could order it. His office doesn't have an Amazon account.)
    There are guys on ADVrider using a deep-charge battery 16-18 Ah, and finding power to spare in the morning.
    I'm still in research mode; lots more questions than answers so far.
    Rumor is that the ResMed website has a lot of information on running from batteries. Guess that's my next stop.
    Keep the ideas coming, both for my use and perhaps others who use a cPAP machine and have a different approach than mine.
    Thanks again, guys.

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    Got it done.
    Used a $30 Amazon "voltage sensitive relay"--VSR-- installed under the right hand side fake air vent storage space. Thee's an SAE two lead bulkhead plug in the frunk( from the VSR) into which a mating SAE connection from the battery in the frrunk. The VSR sends power to the auxiliary battery when bike voltage is above 12.8 volts. Aux battery takes up a lot of the frunk's space. I have a tank bag if I need it.
    I tested the whole system: used the battery with my cpap overnight. Worked well with the cpap manufacturer's 12 to 24v converter. It lost less than half its charge.
    Riding around town running errands and it got about half of that back. A longer ride without stopping the day after that and it was showing fully charged. I figure on next month's Canada trip I have over half a charged battery ready after one night's use. Most days I'm riding five hours minimum which would put me at close or at a full charge.
    Verdict in so far is it's working. I'll do another test over the next few days.
    Thanks for the ideas and questions guys.

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