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Thread: Auxiliary Fuel Tank (one more)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dduelin View Post
    It's a physical impossibility to move fluid uphill unless the upper level of fluid in the lower vessel (motorcycle tank) remains below the upper level of the fluid in the auxiliary tank (ammo can). When air is introduced in the connecting hose the siphon breaks and flow stops.

    It's hard to see from the pictures but what I think happens is the ammo can is mounted high enough that the upper level of the gasoline when the ammo can tank is topped off is above the level of the top of the motorcycle tank and gasoline flows under gravity alone into the lower tank until the two levels equalize. You mentioned about 10 liters is gained. Why not the entire volume of the ammo can - 30 to 40 liters?
    I made 5 times the tests, looking at the inside of the amo can and it ALWAYS go dry before using the main.

    The amo can is lower than the main (when it's full)

    I'm sorry I really get tired about posts telling that "it's no possible without a pump"

    I just tried it and it's work, that the fact I really don't care about the theory

    The amo can is 13L (when you do the math); the fuel pump tell me 10L which seems to be realistic because i can't use all the size.

    I posted a picture that shown the inside of the can!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madison Sully View Post
    By the way, it looks like you have tanks on both sides, is this correct?
    Only the left

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    Auxiliary Fuel Tank (one more)

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    Hi X.. Very neat, simple project. I think I understand how the ammo box feeds the main tank while riding...
    - Fuel pump draws fuel ( from the main tank) for the engine, creating a low pressure situation in the main tank
    - Since the line between the fuel tanks is sealed, the low pressure 'sucks' fuel from the ammo can into the main tank
    - So, it's not truly a siphon but, rather, a closed system in which the fuel pump draws from the main tank and the main tank draws from the ammo can.

    When you fill up at the petrol station, you open and fill both tanks, correct?

    I like your paint job, too...
    I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.

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    Yes I've to fuel both.

    I have the key of aux under the passenger seat

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    This is clever as hell on many levels! Not just in theory, but it works.
    Some don't need it, some don't want to give up storage, some don't have the wrenching skills - so don't do it.
    Congrats to you. And thanks.

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    I love these projects, and am one of the people that find the fuel range on these bikes to be frustratingly short (probably true of nearly all bikes )

    It looks like you used a new hose to pull fuel from the aux tank but I just want to be sure that you made sure it was compatible to be used as a fuel line. Apparently the breather hose already on our bikes, while part of the fuel system is not compatible as a fuel line and can degrade over time when it has fuel in it.

    I really like the simplicity of your solution compared to most of the ideas I had in my mind.

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