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Thread: On the cheap wider footpegs

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    On the cheap wider footpegs

    On the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_154622-jpgOn the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_155040-jpgOn the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_155510-jpgOn the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_160756-jpgOn the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_161313-jpgOn the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_161324-jpgOn the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_161900-jpgOn the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_162136-jpgOn the cheap wider footpegs-img_20181201_163433-jpg

    I sure hope these pictures come out. I made these out of a piece of truck tire tread, they are about 1/2" wider than stock and seem to give better support. Used an angle grinder to cut the tread(steel belted). If this works I'll be happy to fill in any missing info from the pictures.

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    VERY well done! Another excellent "poverty rider" idea!

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