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Thread: Windshield advice - NC750X for 5'7" 32 inseam rider

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    Windshield advice - NC750X for 5'7" 32 inseam rider

    New to forum. I've just bought the NC750X in the US and need a taller windshield.

    My other bike is the Triumph Tiger 800 XC and I put the Puig on it. Disappointed by it overall because I get the wind blast on my shoulders now and poor buffering to my helmet face shield when raining. I had the original windshield plus the laminar lip which was perfect but looked awful and after riding in 70+ MPH winds wondered if that thing would fly off and hit me in the head so I got the Puig. I know that the Puig for the NC is too narrow. The honda one not recommended.

    So I've read many posts already on wind shields here, so overall I learned that the Madstad is the way to go and perhaps even get the adjustable brackets from Bruudt but they don't seem to sell them in the US. Madstad offers many heights to choose from....this is where I get stuck. I'm 5'7', might buy the adjustable brackets if I can find them sold in the US and ride paved as well as fire roads/gravel.
    I also wear both the Shoei Hornet X2 and the street helmets so the visor drag is a concern on the off road version.

    Would love some help in selecting the right one. I know they offer a range of heights depending on how tall you are but a post said that someone was disappointed with the 18 being eye level and they were around my height.
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    I just ordered 2 of the MadStad windshields. One for my wife's NC700x and one for my NC750x.

    They have a size chart on their website to recommend the correct size.

    They were very helpful with their recommendations when I emailed them and told me that they do their best to recommend a windscreen that has the top edge below the riders eye level so you comfortably see over the top of the windscreen. You may want to contact them directly for advice, which is what I did. Sounds like you might need a 16" tall windscreen?

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    Bear in mind that I am just getting back into riding....but some folks have suggested getting a taller screen and trimming it a bit if it is too tall. There might be some YouTube videos on trimming windscreens, but I'm not sure.

    One thing I thought about doing was using some cardboard to extend the height of my windshield to see how much higher I will need to go to get smooth air.

    If I do this I will very carefully tape the edges of my windscreen with several layers of painters tape on both the inside and outside of the windscreen and then use some large 'binder clips' to hold the cardboard to the windscreen.

    Then, a few slow runs to be sure I'm not about to decapitate myself and then some higher speed runs.

    Good luck and please let us know what happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpecialAgentNancy View Post
    But good to hear that you like it enough to order one for both of your bikes. Love to get your feedback....
    Had a good long ride, at highway speeds, in cool weather today with the MadStads and am very satisfied that it does what it claims. Very comfortable behind the windscreens, I noticed zero buffeting on my body, but some at the top of my helmet.

    I installed them at their lowest positions (there is quite a bit of vertical adjustment) and got them fairly close to the recommended 60 degree angle. They are nearly perfect. A bit of dialing them in and they should be perfect for touring. Amazingly better than the factory windscreen which caused wind buffeting at chest level. And much warmer.

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    I'm 5'6" with 30" inseam. I got the 18" screen and like it. At it's lowest setting my line of sight is 23' over the screen (with the Showkey mod raising my seat a bit at the front)

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    Welcome to the ride Agent N and a hearty welcome from north Idaho! I too have a new to me Madstad windscreen and really like it. Like melensdad, i am well please with it. :{)
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    I am 63 and have been using tbe Madstad since i bought my bike. I have the 18. I just finished a 1,600 mile trip with speeds averaging 70 mph and except for the huge displacement of air from semi trucks the Madstad works great. Note I rude with my sightline about two inches above the top of the windshield. When tuck down beliw the top it smoothes out when passing a semi. I ride with a Shoei GT Air. Its the best helmet I have ever owned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpecialAgentNancy View Post
    I bought the 16" because this forum recommended it and Madstad too.

    My take.
    Big disappointment, after a 500 mile ride this weekend.

    First problem.
    The 16" is so low that you have to max out the upward adjustment so now a large gaping hole at the bottom appears and perfectly blasts my neck and upper torso.
    I should have at least a 19"-20" which I could easily have seen over and then would not allow all that wind to channel right underneath.

    Second problem.
    If you have barkbusters the wings wont work AND you won't have full range of the handlebars in turns even with just the windscreen.

    Marginally better wind deflection than stock screen. Lots of top of helmet buffering.
    Shipping it back.
    If you bought it new from Madstad sized per their advice, they will swap you for a larger one for free, if I remember correctly.
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