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Thread: Are There Ways to Change the NC700X Ergonomics for Bigger/Taller Riders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by melensdad View Post
    Just a question, but with the lowered right foot peg does your foot naturally sit on the brake pedal? With the standard pegs I reach my toe down to depress the brake. I've thought about the lowered pegs but have always wondered if my foot would end up resting on the brake.
    here is shot of my boot resting flat on the peg. there is plenty of room but I am sure my foot is flexed somewhat forward when I am actually riding. I dont find myself ever dragging the brake.

    Are There Ways to Change the NC700X Ergonomics for Bigger/Taller Riders?-img_20181009_212012147-jpg

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    Hey Jarrett, boy i do know what you mean. At 6'6", 36" inseam and usually 240lbs i do know! I too went with an aftermarket Shad seat(i'm buying a RDL this winter), then i raised the front of the Shad seat with the rubber chair tips, i also installed the Rox Risers to reposition the bars, i then went with a nice pair of high pegs for a change in feet position. Next i may look at lowering my pegs for another .5"-1". Sure made a wonderful difference. At first i could barely ride 20-30 mins without aggravating my Arthritis/Gout. Now with the better seat, bar risers and highway pegs, man i have ridden several 450-500 mile one day trips! I also stop a lot for pictures, scenery, snacks/water, stretch, boy it sure has made a difference! :{)

    Are There Ways to Change the NC700X Ergonomics for Bigger/Taller Riders?-body-parts-luggage-installation8-jpg

    Are There Ways to Change the NC700X Ergonomics for Bigger/Taller Riders?-body-parts-luggage-installation7-jpg
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    Thanks for all the tips.

    If I was going to pick one seat manufacturer to make me a seat that is 3 inches taller than stock, which one would you recommend?

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