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Thread: LED Headlight swap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HarveyM View Post
    According to this post on the UK forums and the blog from the original poster- the led headlight (which was fitted to the euro models in 2016) fits earlier halogen equiped bikes, but the connectors are completely different:
    2015 Headlight -> 2016 Headlight, now Converting.. but Connecter different!,,, - Electrical Items - The Honda NC Owners Forum
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    (Thanks davidc83 for the push)
    Wow so it does fit. Just need to find out if the driver is built into the light, and if there is an adapter available for the plug. The increased number of pins concerns me though. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the helpful tips Ya'll. I too am starting to do some night riding. I already feel like i am out riding(too fast) the low beam in traffic on the freeway and am constantly having to dim. The high beam is ok, but i would really like a lot more light for my old eyes! LED brightness here i come! I am trying to schedule time for a Saddle Sore 1k mile ride next month and half of that will be riding in the dark. Thanks again for the help and links! :{)
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    I got these for a cheap set of auxiliary lights, I wired them into the accessory harness with a designated on/off switch

    Xprite 2" Inch 10-Watt Cree High Power LED Off-Road Spot Light (2-Pack) Xprite 2" Inch 10-Watt Cree High Power LED Off-Road Spot Light (2-Pack): Automotive

    I unscrewed the lenses and put clear caulking around the wire inlet and the lens, it's supposed to be weather proof already but just in case, I've had my set on my motorcycle for almost a year, rode through the rain at freeway speeds for an hour on a dozen occasions and never had a problem

    And the switch I mounted on my handlebars

    Core Tools CT126-LS-B Black Push Button Waterproof Switch Core Tools CT126-LS-B Black Push Button Waterproof Switch: Automotive

    They have great range and help with others seeing you as well
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    This thread sure took off in a different direction from the original question, which was whether the new OEM LED headlight would fit older models. Let’s try to keep to that subject.
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    So we have not had anyone swap out the halogen assembly for the LED one yet? Any idea how hard it would be to retrofit the LED wiring so it can be used with the previous model bikes? Anyone on the forum know how to rewire one of these LED's if we could get our hands on one to test?

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